We sale ugandan made products, it will have clothes, shoes, jewellery and also other accessories for both men and women, We produce quality outfits made by different designers in Uganda. We give you the best that Uganda has to offer.


To expose Ugandan fashion to the rest of the world


Classy Women

We are your ultimate stop when you badly need a crash course in chic fashion and build a wardrobe that works for YOU - your body figure, coloring, lifestyle and personal taste.

The place where you'll find fashion advice and outfit ideas on how to dress classy but modern - as well as tips on how to improve your personal style! It's all about taking classy fashion to a whole new level - adding edge and originality while focusing on getting the most out of your clothes.

African Made Wear
Fragrance & Perfume
Bags & Purse
Glasses (Eyewear)

All Men

A look is only as good as its weakest link. Therefore, the coolest guy in the room is not always the one wearing a floral Cuban collar shirt or trousers so wide they could double up as bell tents, but the one that nailed the basics with an expertly fitted white T-shirt or sleek penny loafers.

Whether you want to know the latest men’s fashion trends, what smart casual and business casual actually mean, or just the right colours for your skin tone, we've got you covered.

Men Wear
Man Bags & Wallets


We know that style and well-being start with the right shoes. We also realize that easily finding the size and style to fit your needs is paramount. Since starting our store, we've been striving to bring you that ideal shopping adventure. We pride ourselves on carrying hard-to-find styles, sizes & widths because we know that every individual's needs differ. Whether you're having difficulty choosing from our large selection of diverse shoes or you've got a simple question, our customer service team is ready and willing to help.

Fashion Accessories

TUVAALE - UG brings you the latest fashion accessories from top designers and how your favorite celebrities are wearing them. Our experts have found the trendiest bags, shoes, jewelry, and more that are cutting-edge in the fashion industry right now. Find out how to shop the essentials and pair them with your favorite outfits.

Bags & Purses

Find the perfect bag for any occasion with our archive of the best clutches, handbags, totes, cross-body bags, weekend bags and more. we have the best satchel to take you from the gym work to dinner and beyond. We round up the it-bags you need each season from various retailers and price-points.


Wearing the latest jewelry trends instantly upgrades an outfit by punctuating your personal style. We've hunted down trendy and classic earrings, bracelets, statement necklaces and cocktail rings to add to your hit list, whether you prefer fine jewelry in gold and flawless diamonds or on-trend costume jewelry from top designers.


There is nothing that draws attention quite like a stunning watch. The ideal fashion staple, this classic accessory has been long admired for its functionality, desirability and power. Both the first-time buyer and the tested connoisseur will enjoy the exclusive selection of fashion and luxury watches we have to offer.


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